November 13, 2022 – From the Pastor

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy,

Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

I hope everyone is getting used to being back on Standard Time. Daylight Saving Time ended last weekend and some people had some confusion with the time change. A few people were an hour early for Sunday Mass!

Speaking of time, this Sunday is the last Sunday before the celebration of the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, which marks the last Sunday in the church’s liturgical calendar.

This is always a perfect time to make a good inventory of our Christian life. We should make such an examination of conscience every day. But I think this time of year is a very good reminder for those not in the habit of taking some time for introspection.

We can begin to do that by asking basic and simple questions like: Where am I with regard to my spiritual journey? Am I ready to enter into eternal life? Am I saved? Which part of my spiritual life do I need to work on more? These are good questions that can lead us to turn our lives around and be better people.

A few weeks ago, I spoke about confession in my homily. We hear confessions here at Our Lady of Mercy every day, except Sunday for obvious reasons. Check our schedule for confession times. By asking God’s forgiveness we will gain eternal life. We should do so regularly for as Jesus tells us in the gospel, “by your perseverance you will secure your lives.”

Saying that, I invite you to participate in our twice a year small group program called Appreciate the Word, Live the Word. This is a very good opportunity for you to do what I am talking about. We gather for about an hour and a half to read the gospel, reflect on its message, and consider how we might apply it in our daily lives. It is so simple, but you will be surprised at how God is really there with us during these sessions.

So, I encourage you to try and experience Appreciate the Word, Live the Word. Sign-up forms are available in the back of the church, in this bulletin, and on our website ( The sessions take place at various times to fit our different schedules.

On a different note, Jeng Villa, our Pastoral Associate, and I thank our young people and their parents who volunteered to do a clean-up in our neighborhood last Saturday, November 5. Actually, we just did the Sullivan Drive side for lack of time and volunteers. It was a nice and fulfilling feeling doing that work. There were a few passers-by who stopped and thanked us and had a little chat. They felt guilty for throwing trash on the ground and not cleaning it up. And because of that, one person wants to donate cleaning tools. I told Jeng that we should do that project again.

In the name of our parish community, I thank JoAnn Northgrave, State Health Assistance Program coordinator for Hudson County, for her stewardship of time in presenting a Medicare Information Session in the Maria Room last Sunday. There was a nice turn out. Thanks to the Wellness Ministry for organizing this event.

Please check out other events and activities in this bulletin.


Father Marty


Looking to Sunday is a free email resource that can help you prepare to listen and appreciate the scripture readings at Sunday Mass. Looking to Sunday arrives in your email inbox every Wednesday morning with a short reflection on the readings you will hear at Mass the coming Sunday. The reflection is written by Father Tom Iwanowski. To subscribe, simply send an email to Some 3,500 people subscribe to this popular resource.


We continue to look for additional young people to join our altar server ministry here in the parish. We appreciate parents and other adults who encourage the young people in their lives to volunteer to fill this role at Mass.

Sign-up sheets are available in the vestibule of the church. You can submit the completed forms to the Parish Office or give them to Father Marty or Father Andrew. You can also sign up by using the QR Code found here.

If you have any questions, please speak to one of the priests. We will soon be posting a schedule for the training sessions for those who volunteer to become Altar Servers.


All Moms and Dads to be, our Baptismal Team would also like to celebrate your joy with a “Gathering To Rejoice!” Every month we have an event just for that. The team is ready to rejoice with you and to assist you as you look forward to your child’s baptism and beyond. Let us know that you are expecting by stopping by or calling the parish office at 201-434-7500.