July 3, 2022 – From The Pastor

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy,

In Sunday’s gospel reading, we heard how Jesus appointed the seventy-two disciples to go out and proclaim, “The kingdom of God is at hand.” He also told them to “ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.”

Brothers and sisters, I sincerely believe that Jesus is asking us to pray for more workers in the Church. We need ordained and non-ordained ministers who are willing to share the burden of serving their parishes in many different capacities.

We cannot ignore the statistics that tell us that we are in a crisis in our local Church where there is a lack of ordained priests and deacons. For some time now, our Archdiocese has “managed” by recruiting candidates from other countries to study in our seminaries and to serve as adjunct clergy in our parishes.

Sadly, for a variety of reasons that is no longer done. So, we need to recruit young men from our local parishes. This is no easy task, and it has become even more difficult in recent years because of all the bad press the Church has received. Please, brothers and sisters, pray that the “master of the harvest” will touch the hearts of many more young men and inspire in them a vocation to the ordained ministry.

Just as in the early days of the Church, Peter and Paul and the other disciples sought the assistance of many men and women in local Christian communities to carry on the ministry, so too we need the assistance of many committed Christians to do the work of the Church in our day.

As St. Paul often noted in his letters, not all of us are called to be preachers and evangelists. Some of us may be called to be catechists and helpers in faith formation programs. Some are called to serve on parish finance councils or pastoral councils. Some are called to be small group facilitators, while others are simply called to be a part of a faith-sharing group.

Brothers and sisters, the harvest is abundant. We have so much to do and there is even more that we could be doing in our parish—but it is up to you. Will you open your heart and mind to hear the call of Jesus to take the risk to follow him and to work for the building up of His Kingdom?

Have a happy and safe Independence Day! May God bless you and bless the United States of America!


Father Marty

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY: The 246th Birthday of the United States

God our Father, giver of life, we entrust the United States of America to your loving care. You are the rock on which this nation was founded. You alone are the true source of our cherished rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Reclaim this land for your glory and dwell among its people. Send your Spirit to touch the hearts of our nation’s leaders. Open their minds to the great worth of all human life and the responsibilities that accompany human freedom. Remind the people of our land that true happiness is rooted in seeking and doing your will. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


Fr. Marty baptized three children last Sunday, June 26. They are pictured here with their families.

ARABELLA GAIL BAUTISTA with her parents: Darwin Bautista & Rona Guanizo

EVAN JOSEPH GRIFFIN with his parents : Gary Griffin & Kyle O’Donnell

ZACHARY PRESLER ERISPE MAZO with his parents: Jovelie M. Mazo & Aileen Grace Erispe


All Moms and Dads to be, our Baptismal Team would also like to celebrate your joy with a “Gathering To Rejoice!” Every month we have an event just for that. The team is ready to rejoice with you and to assist you as you look forward to your child’s baptism and beyond. Let us know that you are expecting by stopping by or calling the parish office at 201-434-7500.

Archbishop’s Annual Appeal

CATHOLIC STEWARDSHIP IN ACTION” is the theme of this year’s Annual Appeal of the Archdiocese of Newark. This appeal supports the mission , and ministries of the Archdiocese. This year’s goal for our parish is $42,120. There is a 100% rebate of every dollar collected above our goal. Currently, donors from OLM have pledged $50,901 and $39,847 has been received. Please continue to be generous as always!