July 25, 2021 – From the Pastor

July 25, 2021 – From the Pastor

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy,

Fr. Marty JacintoI hope this finds you well and safe and enjoying your summer vacation. Time flies so fast that we are in the middle of summertime already.

Brothers and sisters, I know it is vacation season but wherever you may be, away or at home, my prayer and hope is that you keep yourselves nourished with spiritual food by fulfilling your Sunday and Holy Day obligations.

God never takes a break from us. He sees us and knows what we do. He continues to provide what we need. We see that in our gospel this weekend. There, Jesus fed the vast crowd of people that followed Him.

I firmly believe that God wants what is best for us and for our community. I think that we have heard this old motto, “God helps those who help themselves,” many times. Saying that, I keep on encouraging each one of you to help yourselves by exerting effort in taking care of your spiritual life and the life of our parish.

Each one of us is precious in the sight of God. God did not give us this wonderful life just to set us up for failure. No! What we need to do is to find out what really matters in this life, and then to pursue that with everything we have. We can do that if we stay connected with God all the time. So, please put your priorities in proper order so that you will live well and according to the will of God.

I hope this week will be the final week of the renovation of the floor of our sanctuary. Since this bulletin is prepared days in advance, the work may be already finished. (I hope so!) I thank you for your financial contributions and prayers. Please do not stop sending in your donations. There are more renovations we need to do in our aging building that provides a place for the members of Our Lady of Mercy to come together in prayer and service.

Lastly, I thank the police officers of the South District of the JCPD who came to be with us today. Their presence with us following our 12 noon Mass is highly appreciated. May God bless them and their service to our community and to our city. I thank the members of our Holy Name Society for sponsoring this event.

To all of you, thank you for your faithfulness and love.

God bless you all

Father Marty