January 30, 2022 – From the Pastor

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy,

I hope you are in good health and staying warm during this cold winter weather.

Our second reading this Sunday, which is all about love, is probably the most popular scripture reading heard at weddings. Love is much more romantic and exciting in the abstract. But when you bring love into the practical everyday world and see it for the great commitment that it truly is, then love may seem a little more challenging than it first appears.

When we try to embody all the virtuous aspects of love in our relationships with one another and with others, it gets a lot more complicated. To be a loving person means that we must act in ways that may not always be in harmony with how we may feel at a given moment.

It takes courage to love in this world. Jesus had the courage to stand up and announce his mission, and then to deal with the rejection and refusal of his neighbors to accept him. We need Jesus’ help and the grace of God to stand up and continue to proclaim Jesus’ mission of love in this world.

When we realize that loving is the only thing that will lead us to experience real joy and true fulfillment, perhaps then we may understand our true purpose in life, namely, to love as Jesus loved.

Last weekend, we were invited to support the work of the Church by a generous response to the Archdiocese of Newark’s Annual Appeal. We were all invited to initiate something new in our Archdiocese. Yes, this Appeal is done annually but it’s always something new since the challenges of ministry are always changing, always new.

Brothers and sisters, we are all part of something so much greater than ourselves, and the Annual Appeal is one way in which we can make a contribution to the great work that is the mission of the Catholic Church, the mission of the Body of Christ, here in the Archdiocese of Newark.

I encourage you to make your pledge so we can reach our goal of $42,120, perhaps even go over. As you heard me say last weekend, pledges made by June 30, 2022 that are above the goal will be eligible for a 100% rebate to OLM. God has been so good to you and blessed you with good gifts. I trust that you can help us reach and even exceed our goal. To our new parishioners and friends of OLM, please do not hesitate to come to me and ask if you have questions regarding this Annual Appeal.

Thank you for your prayers, generosity, and support.

God bless you all!


Father Marty


The United Way of Hudson County has received a Homeless Prevention Grant for residents of Jersey City. This grant may be able to assist individuals/families who are facing eviction and whose income is less than half of the average income in our area.

There are criteria to be met and documentation that is required to receive assistance. Each person will be screened by a caseworker to see if they are eligible for assistance.
For inquiries, please contact United Way of Hudson County at 201-492-2368.


Governor Phil Murphy of NJ recently signed a proclamation designating the week of January 30 to February 5, 2022, as Catholic Schools’ Week in New Jersey and acknowledging the contributions of Catholic schools to the public welfare of all New Jerseyans.

The theme for this year’s Catholic Schools’ Week is “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.”

Dr. George V. Corwell, Director of the Office of Education for the New Jersey Catholic Conference, noted that the Governor’s proclamation continues the tradition of recognition afforded Catholic schools in New Jersey by the executive branch of state government.

“The Catholic schools of New Jersey represent an investment in New Jersey’s future, and the sacrifices made by Catholic school parents save the state’s overburdened public school system (and local tax payers) over $1.3 billion annually,” stated Dr. Corwell. “We hope that all residents of New Jersey recognize the dedicated efforts of Catholic school teachers which contribute to the overall success of our schools. Truly, Catholic schools represent a significant opportunity for parental choice in education.”

Governor Murphy’s proclamation represents one component of New Jersey’s annual celebration of Catholic Schools’ Week. A variety of related activities are planned at both the national, diocesan, and local levels to highlight the achievements of Catholic schools.