May 23, 2021 – From The Pastor

May 23, 2021 – From The Pastor

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy,

Fr. Marty JacintoI hope this finds you well and safe.

Today, we are celebrating the Feast of Pentecost that commemorates the day when God generously poured out the gift of the Holy Spirit upon his disciples. The Spirit of God empowered them to go out and to boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus to all the people who had come on pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

We are forever grateful to God for sending down the Holy Spirit upon us. The Holy Spirit’s presence in our Church is the great force that inspires us to do what God wants us to do. In God’s mind, there are no “superior gifts” or “superior roles” in the life of our Church community. Everyone is needed in order to build up the Body of Christ. It is the Spirit who orchestrates the life of our community, inviting each of us to bring our gifts and put them at the service of the Lord.

Brothers and sisters, we are being called today to offer our gifts in service to the Lord. Let him bless us and help us to become the Church that he wants us to be. Let his Spirit empower us to proclaim him in all that we do and say.

Today, May 23rd, our very own Edwin Dava is being ordained a deacon of the Church in the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark. What a great gift it is for all of us!

Speaking of gifts and ordinations, there are so many deacons and priests in the Archdiocese of Newark who are celebrating anniversaries of their ordinations these coming weeks. Deacon Meynard will be five years as a deacon on June 4. Father Tom will be forty-six years a priest on May 31, Father Renato “Butchie” will be fourteen years on May 26, and I will mark twenty years of priesthood on May 26. How the years go by! Please keep praying for us as we continue doing the work that God has entrusted to us for the good of God’s people, the Church.

I also would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Cardinal Tobin, our Archbishop, has renewed my appointment as pastor here at Our Lady of Mercy. I will have another six years with you.

God bless you all.

Father Marty