December 5 – From the Pastor

December 5 – From the Pastor

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy,

Fr. Marty JacintoI hope this finds you well on this Second Sunday of Advent.

John the Baptist calls us to “prepare the way of the Lord” and to “make straight his paths.” (Luke 3:4). In other words, now is the time to deal with any of the obstacles that we have put in the way of our coming to God, and in God’s coming to us. This is also the time to consider any obstacles that we have put in the way of our dealing gracefully with one another.

We may think that being holy is all about me and God, but Jesus told us that whatever we do to our brothers and sisters, we are doing to Him. Even more difficult is Jesus’ assertion that whatever we fail to do for our brothers and sisters, we are failing to do for Him.

So, we can’t be holy if we ignore where we stand in our relationships with our brothers and sisters. Now is the time for us to heed the call of John the Baptist and to seek God’s grace and God’s forgiveness, so that we can welcome God’s love fully and joyfully at Christmas. This Saturday’s Advent Communal Penance service is a perfect time to do just that.

Christmas will be here in a little more than two weeks from now. You and I have been blessed with so much by God. He has blessed us with life, and He has been with us as we have been going through this pandemic.

This Christmas, I appeal to you to give back to God in thanksgiving for all the blessings you have received. There are so many ways we can do that. But one way is by gifting your parish with a monetary gift. I ask every household to gift OLM with $250.

That will be a very big help and it will enable us to do what needs to be done for the maintenance, upkeep, and improvement of our church building so it will be an even more beautiful place of worship. You have been generous before. And so, this time I trust and believe that you can do it again. God will abundantly bless you for your generosity. Thank you so much.

God bless you all!

Father Marty