April 24, 2022 – From the Pastor

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy,

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!

I can still hear the echo of the hallelujah song that we were singing a week ago on Easter Sunday morning as we joyfully celebrated the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Truly Christ is risen from the dead! He is indeed alive in our church and in our lives.

Our Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday Masses were amazing and joyous celebrations! After all our sacrifices, prayer, fasting, and works of mercy done throughout the Lenten season, it was fitting and proper to celebrate Easter in
“full blast.” I saw that in your happy and excited faces as you came into church, and I heard your exultant and jubilant responses in prayer and song during the liturgy. What a sight to behold from my vantage point as a presider!

I can’t thank God enough for all of you, my dear parishioners. And I could not be prouder to be your pastor and prouder of the job done by everyone in this parish, and by each and every member of all of our ministries who prepared and who served at the celebrations of the Mass of the Last Supper, The Passion of the Christ, The Great Easter Vigil, and the Masses of Easter Sunday.

We were excited not only to attend the main services of the Triduum, but also the outdoor and indoor Stations of the Cross, the Morning Prayer Services, and the Blessing of Easter Food.

We also had a great and overwhelming turn out for Cafè OLM after all three Easter Sunday Masses. It went beyond our expectations. We thought that there might be less people going to the Maria Room after our Masses, but the opposite happened. I am so happy that we celebrated the Feast of the Resurrection not only liturgically but also in fellowship with one another with plenty of food, camaraderie, Easter greetings and photoshoots. It really was a very worthwhile way of celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For the success of these celebrations, I thank my parish staff, our two deacons, Father Butchie, our liturgical ministers (lectors, extraordinary minsters of communion, altar servers, and hospitality ministers), the Holy Name Society, the Rosary Society, Cafè OLM Ambassadors (headed by Jeng Villa), those who helped set up and decorate the Maria Room, our Evangelization/ Digital Missionaries, our Filipino Apostolate, Chit de la Rama for handling our livestreaming services, our Music Ministry, our new psalmists (Katirna Origenes, Tiffany Esteban and Florence Villa), violinists (Evan and Lauren Nguyen), and our Salubong Angels.

I also want to thank those involved with our outdoor Stations of the Cross, namely, Deacon Meynard, the prayer leaders, cross bearers, PA system carriers, the two police officers who kept us safe, Ato Tuazon who provided us with the police presence, and Guiz Macalintal who made an effort in locating the host houses for every Station.
I would also like to acknowledge those who worked on the indoor Stations of the Cross, namely, the readers with Deacon Edwin, and also Fred Beyo, Jonathan Camaya, and Kerwin Postrero who were the cross and candle bearers. In addition, I am grateful to all those persons who helped prepare for the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday by decorating the carriages and making sure all the things needed for the liturgies were in place.

I also thank the six people who participated in the Washing of Feet on Holy Thursday and the Presentation of the Holy Oils.

Last but not least, please join me in welcoming Father Dario Endiape. Father Dario is covering for me from this weekend until May 13th so I can have time to visit my family back in the Philippines and have a little time to rest. It has been more than two years since I have been back home due to the pandemic, just like many of you here at OLM. I trust that you will take good care of Father Dario. Of course, Father Butchie is here, too.

Please check out our bulletin for other information that you need to know, especially concerning the closing ceremony and Mass next Sunday, May 1, at 2 pm at the Cathedral Basilica of Sacred Heart in Newark to mark the 500th Year of Christianity in the Philippines. Those who are interested in participating are encouraged to take part in this ceremony.

May God bless you all and HAPPY EASTER once again!


Father Marty

Divine Mercy Sunday, April 24

Divine Mercy Sunday focuses on the gift of mercy and love given through Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. As Pope Saint John Paul II stated, “Divine Mercy reaches human beings through the heart of Christ crucified.”

Youth Service Day at OLM, Saturday, AprilOUTH SERVICE DAY AT OLM, SATURDAY, APRIL 9

Close to 50 teens and parents participated in OLM Youth Service Day held on Saturday April 9. They prepared brown bag lunches and care packages for St. Lucy’s Shelter and Hope House. They also did a neighborhood clean up amid the rain. Thanks to all who came out and served!

“The OLM Youth Service Day was a fun experience! That day, I had the opportunity to help someone else. We also got a chance to show love for our neighbor, and it makes my heart feel good. It was enjoyable to do the activities with friends. I’m proud and grateful to be part of Our Lady of Mercy Faith Community.” Shiloh Guanlo (7th Grader)

A Note of Thanks from Our Lady of Sorrows

Dear Father Marty and All of Our Lady of Mercy’s Families,

On behalf of the families and volunteer staff at Our Lady of Sorrows Food Pantry, we want to express our deepest appreciation to Our Lady of Mercy’s Holy Name Society for coordinating your most recent food drive.

The generosity shown by the OLM Holy Name Society and the members of Our Lady of Mercy will play a very important role in our ability to respond effectively to the needs of our families. This year, our emergency food pantry has been able to respond to over 500 requests for food assistance.

The people of Our Lady of Mercy Parish have been a constant support to us. So many generous donations of money, nonperishable food items, and personal hygiene supplies have done much to help us meet the growing needs of our community families. Donations from the food drive are overwhelming.

Our Social Concerns outreach program continues to thrive. Compassionate and caring persons like you and the OLM family will help us continue to meet these emergency needs. You are a vital part of what God calls us to do, namely, to love one another. We consider you an important part of our efforts.

Wishing you and the OLM family a Joyous Easter Season.

Thank you for the help you have been.

Carol Harris
Food Pantry Coordinator
Donations $485.
Over $1,000 in self-stable food items.

Archbishop’s Annual Appeal

CATHOLIC STEWARDSHIP IN ACTION” is the theme of this year’s Annual Appeal of the Archdiocese of Newark.This appeal supports the mission, programs, and ministries of the Archdiocese. This year’s goal for Our Lady of Mercy Parish is $42,120. There will be a 100% rebate of every dollar collected above our goal. Currently, donors have pledged $41,771 and $29,501 has been received. Please be generous as always!